Quintessential Love Story, "Quinty"

Quinty was my pick from the Q litter.  A gentle, kind temperament, she has the same deep devotion of her Mother, Maija.  Lovely full body and substance, and beautiful expression, she's a joy to have as my companion.  AKC pointed.


DOB: 12/3/16, AKC#WS55681006, OFA hearet and eyes normal, OFA hips good, elbows normal, shoulders normal, DM SOD1A and SOD1B clear, vWd normal, histio Pre-histio test index B, CHIC

CH Berntiers Sunshine Boss

AKC#WS36171701 (Sweden), DOB 9/11/10-20, 9 yo (cancer), OFA hips good, elbows normal, shoulder normal, heart normal, eyes normal, SOD1A DM normal, SOD1B DM carrier, vWd clear, 135 lbs., 27-1/2" tall Top Producer of Champions

Int CH Odysseus

"Boss", (Sweden) DOB: 7/25/06-12/10/15, 9 yo (cancer of spleen), HD A; ED UA, SOD1A DM clear

CH Werner Wix Helge

(Sweden) DOB: 6/4/03-14, 11 yo, (pulmonary embolism) HD: A, ED: UA, 132 lbs., 26-1/2" tall,

CH Bernerdalens Nasdaq

S58457/2001 (Sweden), HD A/A; ED 0/0, DOB: 11/6/01-5/19/09, 8 yo. 3 littermates lived to 11 yo, 1 to 10 yo

Gangsterluvans Hatta Corleone

(Sweden) #S53159/99, DOB: 5/8/99-04 (complication from eating socks); Hips A excellent; Elbows UA normal (6 in litter; all had normal elbows and 5 had excellent hips; 3 lived 10-12 yo)


(Sweden), DOB:3/16/03-10/10, 7 yo (pulmonary embolism); HD: B, ED: UA

Bauernhofs Ramses

S41775/98 (Sweden), DOB: 6/26/98-1/15/06, 7 yo, (chest tumor), HD UA, ED UA

Claybasket's B-Shita

"Molly", #S10080/2000 (Sweden), DOB: 12/6/99-12/10, 11 yo, (loss of mobility) HD: B, almost normal, ED: UA, normal

CH Berntiers Just for Me

"Jazza", #S17015/2008 (Sweden), DOB: 1/5/08-2014 (ACL tear), HD: A, ED: UA

Doremis Watson Brad

S17284/2006 (Sweden), DOB: 1/17/06-16, 10 yo, HD: A, ED: UA. 5 littermates all cleared hips and elbows

CH Maroussia Brad-Einarsson

FIN29339/04 (Finland), DOB: 5/4/04-10-16/12, 8 yo, Hips: B/B, Elbows: 0/0

Int Ch Doremis Gleaming Proud Mary, "Ginny"

S43691/2000 (Sweden), DOB: 6/29/00-6/29/09, 9 yo (CCL tear), 3 littermates over 10 yo, HD: B, ED: 0

CH Kronblommas Arabella

"Bella", #S45193/2002 (Sweden), DOB: 7/16/02-2/26/12, 9 yo (lympho suspected), HD: A, ED: 0

Berntiers Yoker

S54230/2000 (Sweden), DOB: 9/20/00-8/10, (loss of mobility) 10 yo, HD: A, ED: UA

Odenhills Eya

S16611/2000 (Sweden), DOB: 1/14/00-2/1/06 (lymphoma), HD: A, ED: UA

Maija van 't Maroyke

AKC# WS45399001, DOB: 4/18/13-2/14/23 (lymphoma). CHIC, AKC DNA, SOD1A DM clear, SOD1B DM clear; OFA hips fair, elbows normal, OFA heart and eyes normal, von Willebrands clear. 25" tall, 97 lbs., Pre-histio index: B. AKC major pointed (retired with ACL injury)

CH Dale Gudbrand's Harry Potter Haam

DOB 12/30/06-9/13 (bloat); #N02762/07 (Norway), HD A/A; ED 0/0; 4 littermates alive at 10 yo

CH Tiviniro's Harley Davies

N19060/04, HD B/B; ED 0/0, DOB: 8/21/04- 5/12, 7 yo (Protein losing enteropathy/Intestinal Lymphangiectasia)

CH Bernerdalens Nasdaq

S58457/2001 (Sweden), HD A/A; ED 0/0, DOB: 11/6/01-5/19/09, 8 yo. 3 littermates lived to 11 yo, 1 to 10 yo

CH Becathikes Mama Mia Here I Go Again

N13731/99, HD A/A; ED A/A, DOB: 6/10/99- 5/24/06 (bladder cancer)

CH Dale Gudbrand's Ambi Dala

N23872/02, HD A/A; ED A/A, DOB: 11/21/02-2/10, 8 yo (back injury)

CH Lovaca's Darak

N05091/98, HD A/A; ED A/A, DOB: 1998-2005, (histio)

Lady av Solvbergstien

N09566/00, HD A/A; ED A/A, DOB 5/10/00-2/10, 9 yo (9 siblings alive at 9 yo)

CH Yanina von Müllers Grund

DCBS/BSZ 09341, DOB: 10/25/09-9/2/20; HD B1; ED 0/0

Int Ch Figo van 't Maroyke

LOSH 1004243; DOB: 10/1/06-4/14/16, 10 yo; HD-B/B; ED-0/0, OCD-F

Chopin de l'Hamiau du Mont

LOSH 0942280; HD-A/A; ED-0/0; DOB: 10/12/03-2014, 11 yo; wt.: 56 kg; ht.: 67 cm

Int. Ch. Britny van 't Maroyke

LOSH 0918061; HD-A/A; DOB: 8/28/02-10/21/10, 8 yo

CH Quincy von Müllers Grund

DOB: 8/13/07-4/13 (suspected meningitis), #DCBS/BSZ 07297 (Germany), HD A/A; ED 0/0, OCD Frei

CH Easy vom Scheimatthof

SHSB 616756, HD A/A; ED 0/0; OCD frei, DOB: 12/31/02-11/27/12, 9 yo

Hexe von Müllers Grund

SSZ 45784, HD A/A; ED 0/0; OCD frei, DOB: 12/5/04-5/20/11 (lung infection/pneumonia)