RavenRidge Kiss Me Kaja

Kaja is from Bijou and Espen's 'K' litter.  Something about this mischievious girl, and her outgoing, confident personality--she had to stay with me!  She slowly developed into an impressive representative for the breed, with full body, lovely front assembly, proper length of loin and substance.  AKC pointed, and an excellent producer, she leaves a legacy of confident, sound puppies and grandkids.  She was a drafting prodigy, up for any adventure, keeping me at a trot wherever we went--so enthusiastic pulling her cart, with proper working dog temperament.  She's missed beyond words.

RavenRidge Kiss Me Kaja, NDD, CGC

WS40441101, DOB; 4/12/12-11/26/21 (lymphoma); SOD1A DM carrier, SOD1B DM clear, vWd clear by parentage, OFA Prelims at 23 months: hips good, elbows normal, CERF, OFA heart normal, Pre-histio index: B, AKC pointed

Can/Am CH RavenRidge Espen's Forestwalk

CHIC, DOB: 10/8/09-11/30/17 (lymphoma & Wobblers), OFA hips good, elbows normal, heart normal, CERF, SOD1A DM carrier, SOD1B DM clear

CH Gangsterluvans Keno Kanon

(Sweden), #S21194/2004, DOB 2/9/04-4/29/14 (torn ACL), 10 yo; Hips A, Elbows UA normal, MH temperament tested, 26 ½”h, 121 lbs., pre-histio test index C

SUCH DKUCH Macis Zam Mont Morzy

S42355/99, DOB 7/18/99-12/2/08, 9 yo (lung tumor), Hips: A excellent; Elbows: UA normal

VT UDH CH Ulfilas v Stoeckle

SSV-BS 26596 (Germany); DOB: 4/23/93-5/3/00 (stroke), 7 yo, HD A/A; ED 0/0


N09945/95 (Norway) MH temperament tested Hips A, Elbows normal (from litter of 8, all A hips, 7 with clear elbows), DOB 4/18/95, 12 yo

CH Werner Wix Gangsterluva

S39987/2001 Hips A excellent, elbows UA normal, DOB 6/2/01-08 (tumor on heart)

Int CH Stenhojdens Askar Von Wix

S51910/98 (Sweden) HD free, Elbows: UA normal, DOB: 9/23/98-3/13/07, 8 yo

Gangsterluvans Hatta Corleone

(Sweden) #S53159/99, DOB: 5/8/99-04 (complication from eating socks); Hips A excellent; Elbows UA normal (6 in litter; all had normal elbows and 5 had excellent hips; 3 lived 10-12 yo)

Can/Am CH RavenRidge Conundrum, RN, CD,

AKC #WS22420505, CHIC, DOB: 5/26/07-8/15/16 (lymphoma), 9 yo. OFA hips good #BMD115177G24F-VPI; elbows normal #BMD-EL6820F24-VPI; CERF BMD-4569(2010); AKC DNA#V520665; vWD clear by parentage; OFA heart normal; DM SOD1A normal

Am/Can CH Tschuggen v Sennenhof, CD, Can DD

AKC#WR07661305, OFA hips excellent, elbows normal; CERF eyes normal, vWd clear DOB 11/15/02-9/28/11 (Lymes disease)

Sennenhof Dursli

KU661791, DOB 10/7/00-06 GDC Hips; OVC hips and elbows #13578, CERF

CH Sennenhof Belline

WR03884801, DOB 1/6/00-11/30/09 (histio), CERF, OFA Hips excellent, Elbows normal

CH Sendache's Designer Genes

“Kylie”, AKC# WS05236001, DOB 4/6/03-1/11 (histio), 7 yo, DNA#V442183, OFA cardiac normal #BMD-VW255/43F-PI, OFA hips good #BMD-12245G28F-PI, OFA elbows normal #BMD-EL4581F28-PI, VetGen#41426 vWd clear, Hemopet Thyroid normal, 10/28/06, CERF normal, CHIC#39054


AKC#WP91942403, Mar 13 1999—8/27/08, 9 yo (degenerative myelopathy), GDC16631H13AN, hips average, GDC elbows affected (asymptomatic)

BIS, CH Sendanche's Ideal Design v Bev

"Jasmine", AKC#WP74165902, DOB: 11/27/1996 – 7/06, 9 yo (lymphosarcoma), GDC elbows normal, hips acceptable, CERF

RavenRidge Bijou, CD, NAP, NJP, NDD

AKC#WS15060401, DOB 9/12/05-5/19/14, 8 yo (adrenal cortical carcinoma), CHIC, OFA hips good, elbows normal, vWd normal, CERF, heart normal, DM SOD1A clear, DM SOD1B clear

CH Ti Gus sen de la Butte

AKC#WR071762/01 9/15/01-10/12/09, 8 yo, OFA Hips good, elbows normal, thyroid normal, CERF, vWd normal

CH Sennenhof Xander

AKC#WP897524/01; DOB 6/19/97-5/7/07, 9 yo, OFA2315 elbows normal, unilateral mild hip dysplasia

Erco vom Zagli

SHSB500100 DOB 3/21/93-98, 5 yo, HD A/A; ED 0/0

Can CH Evi v Grunenmatt

“Aimee” CKC1062572; SHSB1062572; DOB 4/9/95-11/28/05, 10 yo, HD A/A; ED 0/0

Schmucki udo Zoe

Hips Excellent, OFA4876E41; elbows normal, OFA1803, DOB 8/7/95-05, 10 yo

Can CH Udo v Gabiar

“Sam”, SHSB1051084, Hips Good, OFABB9G34, 5/21/91-00, 9 yo, 125 #’s

Santis Zarte Elfy

CE148341, Hips fair, OFABB27F25, elbows normal, DOB 3/27/94-?

Ulexa v Ruschbode

AKC#WR001852, DOB 2/28/00-8/18/11; 11 yo (histiocytic sarcoma), CHIC, GDC hips excellent, elbows clear, vWd normal, CERF, heart normal, SOD1A DM normal, AKC pointed

Bosco de la Rouda

SHSB 532817, HD A/A, ED 0/0, height: 66cm, DOB 7/17/95-12/1/03, 8 yo (bloat)

SCHH III Domino vom Doerfli

SHSB 436271, DOB 9/22/88-1996, 8 yo (lung cancer), HD 0/0, ED 1/1

Verona von Gabiar

SHSB489870, HD C/C, ED 0/0, DOB 6/13/92-03, 11 yo

Kathy v Ruschbode

SHSB 523110, DOB 11/17/94-3/06, 11 yo, HD C/C – ED 0/0, Wither Height 63cm

CH Amor vom Konigsberg

VDHSSZ20117, DOB 9/8/88-5/18/00, 11 yo, HD 0/0, ED 0/0

CH Arlette v Ruschbode

SHSB 441586, HD 0/0, ED 0/0, 2/1/89-96(hit by car)