RavenRidge Bijou, CD, NDD, RN, NAP, NJP

Called 'baby Bijou', she was born here, and was my pick from the 'B' litter. She gave me 3 beautiful litters, the D, F and K litters, and proved to be a fine mother. But most important, she was a delightful companion with a phenomenal temperament, effortless movement and just enough attitude to keep me on my toes, and make me smile everyday!  She was a BMDCA Working Dog, with titles in obedience, agility and draft.  Missed terribly, she passed 5/19/14 from adrenocortical carcinoma (with no known genetic cause).  


RavenRidge Bijou, CD, NAP, NJP, NDD

AKC#WS15060401, DOB 9/12/05-5/19/14, 8 yo (adrenal cortical carcinoma), CHIC, OFA hips good, elbows normal, vWd normal, CERF, heart normal, DM SOD1A clear, DM SOD1B clear

CH Ti Gus sen de la Butte

AKC#WR071762/01 9/15/01-10/12/09, 8 yo, OFA Hips good, elbows normal, thyroid normal, CERF, vWd normal

CH Sennenhof Xander

AKC#WP897524/01; DOB 6/19/97-5/7/07, 9 yo, OFA2315 elbows normal, unilateral mild hip dysplasia

Erco vom Zagli

SHSB500100 DOB 3/21/93-98, 5 yo, HD A/A; ED 0/0

INT CH Igor von Vindonissa

Born 5/20/85-97, 12 yo, SSZ15948 H-Frei

Aika vom Zalgli

SHSB465760, HD C/C; ED 1/0, DOB 10/15/90-6/1/00, 9 yo

Can CH Evi v Grunenmatt

“Aimee” CKC1062572; SHSB1062572; DOB 4/9/95-11/28/05, 10 yo, HD A/A; ED 0/0

Int CH Wacho v Tonisbach

SHSB465760, 6/9/88-98, 10 yo, HD 0/0; ED 0/0

Oursa v Sennenhof

CKCBC053761, DOB 2/2/93, Died from C section, HD-A/B, ED-0/0

Schmucki udo Zoe

Hips Excellent, OFA4876E41; elbows normal, OFA1803, DOB 8/7/95-05, 10 yo

Can CH Udo v Gabiar

“Sam”, SHSB1051084, Hips Good, OFABB9G34, 5/21/91-00, 9 yo, 125 #’s

INT CH Igor von Vindonissa

Born 5/20/85-97, 12 yo, SSZ15948 H-Frei

Muska Bella v Gabiar

SHSB390133, DOB 4/26/85-3/92, 7 yo, H: 0/0

Santis Zarte Elfy

CE148341, Hips fair, OFABB27F25, elbows normal, DOB 3/27/94-?

Eicko v Eyberg

SSV1786, DOB 3/15/90-99, 9 yo, Hips clear, OVCAA1605

Freya v Attiswil

(shown with Eicko)CKC#1038201, (Swiss Import)OVC Normal, DOB 5/18/89-00, 11 yo

Ulexa v Ruschbode

AKC#WR001852, DOB 2/28/00-8/18/11; 11 yo (histiocytic sarcoma), CHIC, GDC hips excellent, elbows clear, vWd normal, CERF, heart normal, SOD1A DM normal, AKC pointed

Bosco de la Rouda

SHSB 532817, HD A/A, ED 0/0, height: 66cm, DOB 7/17/95-12/1/03, 8 yo (bloat)

SCHH III Domino vom Doerfli

SHSB 436271, DOB 9/22/88-1996, 8 yo (lung cancer), HD 0/0, ED 1/1

Pat de Perreux

SHSB 346916, 1/15/82-1992, 10 yo, HD 0/0

Hella v d Schwarzwasserfluh

SHSB 362674, DOB 2/13/83, HD 0/0

Verona von Gabiar

SHSB489870, HD C/C, ED 0/0, DOB 6/13/92-03, 11 yo

INT CH Igor von Vindonissa

Born 5/20/85-97, 12 yo, SSZ15948 H-Frei

Pasca v Gabiar

SHSB 428144, DOB 2/17/88-1995, 7 yo, HD 0/0 ED 1/1

Kathy v Ruschbode

SHSB 523110, DOB 11/17/94-3/06, 11 yo, HD C/C – ED 0/0, Wither Height 63cm

CH Amor vom Konigsberg

VDHSSZ20117, DOB 9/8/88-5/18/00, 11 yo, HD 0/0, ED 0/0

INT CH Igor von Vindonissa

Born 5/20/85-97, 12 yo, SSZ15948 H-Frei

Orka vom Kehrberg

VDHSSZ17459, 9/17/86-5/1/97, 10 yo, HD-Frei

CH Arlette v Ruschbode

SHSB 441586, HD 0/0, ED 0/0, 2/1/89-96(hit by car)

Int CH Jerry v Rosiendlithal

SHSB416624, 6/17/86-?, ED Normal,EL-Normal

Wilma v Nesselacker

SHSB416624, HD Frei, ED:Normal, DOB 4/26/87-94, 7 yo