Maija van 't Maroyke

Many years ago I visited Maroyke kennels in Belgium, and met Yanina von Müllers Grund.  I loved this girl, and asked for a puppy in the future.  A short 2 years later, I get the call her litter, sired by Dale Gudbrand's Harry Potter, had arrived!  I was thrilled to have Maija come home with me, and huge thanks to Ronny and Christine for allowing me to have this beautiful girl, and to the Macumber family for their loving care!  I'm grateful to have her daughter, Quinty, and great grand daughter, Stella as my treasured girls here.

Maija van 't Maroyke

AKC# WS45399001, DOB: 4/18/13-2/14/23 (lymphoma). CHIC, AKC DNA, SOD1A DM clear, SOD1B DM clear; OFA hips fair, elbows normal, OFA heart and eyes normal, von Willebrands clear. 25" tall, 97 lbs., Pre-histio index: B. AKC major pointed (retired with ACL injury)

CH Dale Gudbrand's Harry Potter Haam

DOB 12/30/06-9/13 (bloat); #N02762/07 (Norway), HD A/A; ED 0/0; 4 littermates alive at 10 yo

CH Tiviniro's Harley Davies

N19060/04, HD B/B; ED 0/0, DOB: 8/21/04- 5/12, 7 yo (Protein losing enteropathy/Intestinal Lymphangiectasia)

CH Bernerdalens Nasdaq

S58457/2001 (Sweden), HD A/A; ED 0/0, DOB: 11/6/01-5/19/09, 8 yo. 3 littermates lived to 11 yo, 1 to 10 yo

CH Bauernhofs Samuel

S47761/98, HD ua (normal); ED 0/0, DOB: 8/5/98-7/30/09, 10 yo

CH Bernerdalens Cayenne

S36100/97, HD ua (normal); ED 0/0, DOB: 5/14/97-8/26/05, 8 yo

CH Becathikes Mama Mia Here I Go Again

N13731/99, HD A/A; ED A/A, DOB: 6/10/99- 5/24/06 (bladder cancer)

Int CH Jericho av Millcreek

N17757/96, HD C; ED 0/0; DOB 8/27/96-? (passed from eye tumor)

CH Macis Puka

S16484/95, HD A/A; ED A/A, DOB: 1/28/95- 2/20/02, 7 yo

CH Dale Gudbrand's Ambi Dala

N23872/02, HD A/A; ED A/A, DOB: 11/21/02-2/10, 8 yo (back injury)

CH Lovaca's Darak

N05091/98, HD A/A; ED A/A, DOB: 1998-2005, (histio)

CH Stenhojdens Royas Rinaldo

S30968/94, HD ua (normal); ED ua, DOB: 3/28/94-04, 10 yo

CH Doremis Sassa Sefin

S16406/96, HD ua (normal); ED 1/1, DOB: 1/12/96-5/10/06 (arthritis in front legs), 10 yo

Lady av Solvbergstien

N09566/00, HD A/A; ED A/A, DOB 5/10/00-2/10, 9 yo (9 siblings alive at 9 yo)

Corabarnas Harley Mirason

N00941/97, HD A/A; ED A/A, DOB: 12/23/97- 2002 (bloat)

Trixie av Solvbergstien

N07394/96, HD A/A; ED A/A, DOB 4/11/96-2004, 8 yo

CH Yanina von Müllers Grund

DCBS/BSZ 09341, DOB: 10/25/09-9/2/20; HD B1; ED 0/0

Int Ch Figo van 't Maroyke

LOSH 1004243; DOB: 10/1/06-4/14/16, 10 yo; HD-B/B; ED-0/0, OCD-F

Chopin de l'Hamiau du Mont

LOSH 0942280; HD-A/A; ED-0/0; DOB: 10/12/03-2014, 11 yo; wt.: 56 kg; ht.: 67 cm

Int. Ch. Zorbha van 't Stokerybos

LOSH 0876652; HD-B/B; ED-0/0; DOB: 10/29/00-11/30/09, 9 yo

Yka de l'Hamiau du Mont

LOSH 0841850; HD-B/B; DOB: 1/30/99-11/09, 10 yo

Int. Ch. Britny van 't Maroyke

LOSH 0918061; HD-A/A; DOB: 8/28/02-10/21/10, 8 yo

Int CH Xzorba Van’t Stokerybos

LOSH#0822005, DOB: 4/12/98—4/10, 12 yo, HD A-B; ED 0/0

Xsissy van 't Maroyke

LOSH 0837567; HD-B/B; DOB: 12/11/98-8/31/05

CH Quincy von Müllers Grund

DOB: 8/13/07-4/13 (suspected meningitis), #DCBS/BSZ 07297 (Germany), HD A/A; ED 0/0, OCD Frei

CH Easy vom Scheimatthof

SHSB 616756, HD A/A; ED 0/0; OCD frei, DOB: 12/31/02-11/27/12, 9 yo

Int CH Yörg von der Holderstockhöhe

SSV-BS 31467, HD A/A; ED 0/0, 69 cm, DOB: 3/17/96-8/8/04, 8 yo

Riana vom Scheimatthof

SHSB 563025, HD A/A; ED 0/0, DOB: 3/23/98-7/4/03 (fetal toxicity during pregnancy; heart inflammation)

Hexe von Müllers Grund

SSZ 45784, HD A/A; ED 0/0; OCD frei, DOB: 12/5/04-5/20/11 (lung infection/pneumonia)

Xtralarge van de Weyenberg

LOSH 818641, HD A/A; ED 0/0, OCD frei, DOB: 3/3/98-9/26/08, 10 yo

Vita von Müllers Grund

SSV-BS 39253, HD A/A; ED 0/0, DOB: 8/24/00-4/29/13, 12 yo