"H" Litter; DOB: 7/20/10

the Sire:  Ch Dinkytoy van’t Stokerybos, CHIC
“Rocky”, AKC# WS12226802, 
DOB; 9/26/04-10/1/13, 9 yo,  DNA#452791, DM SOD1A carrier
OFA cardiac normal, OFA Hips good
OFA elbows normal, VetGen vWd normal
OFA CERF , normal thyroid
 The Dam: RavenRidge Deschutes All That Jazz, CHIC
"Jasmine", AKC#WS25510801, DOB 3/2/08-12/16/17, 9 yo, OFA hips excellent, elbows normal, vonWillebrands clear by parentage
OFA heart normal
CERF eyes normal, AKC DNA V609362, DM SOD1A carrier

H Litter Statistics

Chloe is a treasured singleton, and lives with Ed and Linda Sue.  She is our 4th generation RavenRidge puppy, and we believe she will have a bright future!

Name Callname Male/Female OFA Hips OFA elbows other tests Resides Notes Submitted DNA to BMD Repository
RavenRidge Honeysuckle Rose Chloe F  good  normal CHIC, CERF, OFA heart normal, SOD1A DM carrier, SOD1B DM clear, vonWillebrands clear, Pre histio index A  WA dam of the L litter. passed 7/12/21 cheek swab, blood sample


H Litter

CH Dinkytoy van’t Stokerybos

“Rocky”, AKC#WS12226802, CHIC, DOB: 9/26/04-10/1/13, 9 yo, (lung tumor), DNA#452791, OFA cardiac normal, Hips good, elbows normal, CERF, VetGen vWd normal, normal thyroid

Int CH Xzorba Van’t Stokerybos

LOSH#0822005, DOB: 4/12/98—4/10, 12 yo, HD A-B; ED 0/0

Int CH Pjotter v. d Samaika

LOSH#0677231, HD A excellent; Elbows: 0 normal DOB: 6/1/89-00, 11 yo

CH Hylas v. Vindonissa

VDH/SSZ-BS 15430, DOB 11/26/84-91 HD A (hips excellent)

Merit vd Arkkea

LOSH#0616272 1/6/80-1989, 9 yo HD A; ED 0/0

Int Ch Qwynta van’t Stokerybos

LOSH#0696092, 9/20/92-02, 10 yo HD A; ED 0/0

Int Ch Pyros v Baernerhof

SHSB415237, H 0/0; E 0/0 3/10/87-10/1/97, 10 yo

Marylou van’t Stokerybos

LOSH#0606172, 8 yo. C-section, Hips A/A

Zylla van’t Stokerybos

LOSH#0876654, 10/19/00– 2009, 9 yo, HD B; ED 0/0

Int Ch Ferris vd Holderstockhohe

SSV-BS#36012, 8/2/98-4/7/08, 9 yo HD A; ED 0/0

Wacho v Veit II

SSV-BS#31728, 5/3/96-10/3/02, 6yo HD A/A; ED 0/0

Yella v d Holderstockhohe

SSV31470, 3/17/96-8/1/01, HD B; ED 0/0

Ch Lux. Xiera van’t Stokerybos

LOSH0822100, 1/1/97-8/1/08, 11 yo, HD B; ED 0/0

Int CH Qaey van de Klaverhoeve

LOSH 690552, DOB: 6/4/92-8/11/00 (neck injury), 8 yo, HD B; ED-0

Int Ch. Rany van’t Stokerybos

LOSH#07022005, 12/6/93-?, HD A; ED 0/0

RavenRidge Deschutes All That Jazz

"Jazz", AKC#WS25510801, DOB 3/2/08-12/16/17, OFA hips excellent, elbows normal, vonWillebrands clear by parentage, OFA heart normal, CERF eyes normal, SOD1A DM carrier

Arrkan van’t Maroyke

DOB 6/30/01-3/2/08 (burst artery to the heart/aneurism), #LOSH0890012 (Belgium) , HD A/A, hips excellent, ED 0/0, elbows normal, Vetgen #44306 von Willebrands normal, OCD clear, temperament tested by Belgische Berner Sennen Club 2/1/03, pre histio index "C"

Yorcki van 't Maroyke

(Belgium)LOSH#0840356, DOB: 2/18/99-04 (hit by car) Hips: B good; Elbows: 0 normal

Int CH Pjotter v. d Samaika

LOSH#0677231, HD A excellent; Elbows: 0 normal DOB: 6/1/89-00, 11 yo

Rhegina van ‘t Stokerybos

LOSH#0722016, HD: A/A; ED: 0/0 12 yo

Xhara van 't Maroyke

LOSH# 0829999, HD B hips good; E 0/0 elbows normal DOB 7/11/98-2/07; 8 yo, cancer

Int CH Tristan v Bernerliebe

DOB: 2/22/95-04, 9 yo, LOSH#749549 (Belgium), HD A/A excellent; Elbows: 0 normal

Zita v Nesselacker

DOB: 1995-2005, 9 yo, #SHSB541849 (Swiss), HD A/A; ED 0/0

RavenRidge Bijou, CD, NAP, NJP, NDD

AKC#WS15060401, DOB 9/12/05-5/19/14, 8 yo (adrenal cortical carcinoma), CHIC, OFA hips good, elbows normal, vWd normal, CERF, heart normal, DM SOD1A clear, DM SOD1B clear

CH Ti Gus sen de la Butte

AKC#WR071762/01 9/15/01-10/12/09, 8 yo, OFA Hips good, elbows normal, thyroid normal, CERF, vWd normal

CH Sennenhof Xander

AKC#WP897524/01; DOB 6/19/97-5/7/07, 9 yo, OFA2315 elbows normal, unilateral mild hip dysplasia

Schmucki udo Zoe

Hips Excellent, OFA4876E41; elbows normal, OFA1803, DOB 8/7/95-05, 10 yo

Ulexa v Ruschbode

AKC#WR001852, DOB 2/28/00-8/18/11; 11 yo (histiocytic sarcoma), CHIC, GDC hips excellent, elbows clear, vWd normal, CERF, heart normal, SOD1A DM normal, AKC pointed

Bosco de la Rouda

SHSB 532817, HD A/A, ED 0/0, height: 66cm, DOB 7/17/95-12/1/03, 8 yo (bloat)

Kathy v Ruschbode

SHSB 523110, DOB 11/17/94-3/06, 11 yo, HD C/C – ED 0/0, Wither Height 63cm