"G" Litter; DOB: 6/21/10

The sire:  CH FerrariPorsh From Orsina’s Land (Slovenia)
"Ferrari", DOB: 1/22/08
OFA hips good, Elbows normal BMD-EL7225M24-VPI, DNA#V550989, CERF (2008), vWD clear Vetgen #56951
OFA heart normal, DM clear
The dam: RavenRidge Conundrum, CD, RA, CHIC
"Puzzle", DOB: 5/26/07
OFA hips excellent, elbows normal, heart normal, CERF, DM clear, vWd clear

G Litter Statistics

For her 2nd litter, Puzzle stayed home with David and Susan Thompson, who raised this litter.  A huge thanks and appreciation for your time and commitment to getting the best possible start for the "G" kids!


Name Callname Male/
OFA hips OFA elbows Other Tests Resides Notes DNA sample submitted to BMD Repository
RavenRidge Glorious Octavian Tavi M  excellent  normal DM clear, heart normal, histio pre test index B WA neutered; passed 6/21/19, loss of mobility cheek swab, blood sample
RavenRidge Glitter Girl Gemma F  good  normal   WA  spayed; passed 12/12/17 from kidney disease cheek swab
RavenRidge Goin to Taos Carson M  good  normal   NM neutered; 9/15 bloated/GDV, and had surgery. Histio test index B, passed 4/8/24 of old age cheek swab
RavenRidge Glacier Kilimanjaro Kibo M  good  normal   WA neutered; passed 12/13/16, complications from bloat surgery cheek swab

8 Weeks


G Litter

CH FerrariPorsh From Orsina’s Land (Slovenia)

DOB 1/22/08, OFA hips good, Elbows normal BMD-EL7225M24-VPI, DNA#V550989, CERF (2008), vWD clear Vetgen #56951, OFA heart normal

Fr Ch Tannhauser des Hautes Vernades

(France) LOF020437/03144, 4/28/02-Alive 2011 Hips: A1/A1 excellent; Elbows 0/0 normal

Fr Ch Owen des Hautes Vernades

LOF011775/2008, DOB 7/10/98-06 (Borrelia) HD A/A excellent; Elbows: 0/0 normal

Fr Ch Athos v Veit

SSV-BS 33086, DOB 2/10/97-9/1/99 (torsion) HD A/B; ED 0/0

Karin vd Hausmatt

LOF2N5008622/01693, Swiss: SHSB52413, 12/29/94-8/04, 10 yrs. old HD A; ED 0/0

Sw Ch Pandore des Hautes Vernades

LOF04414/03054, HD: A/A; ED: 0/0 11/14/99-alive 2011

Int Ch Dany v d Katzenstiegfluh

SHSB 517111, HD-A/A; E-0/0 5/27/94-06, 12 yo

Int Ch Laurie de l’Harnois Blanc

LOF00385/01773, HD A; ED: 0 11/18/95-2/26/07, 11 yo

Int BIH Ch Arletta from Orsina’s Land

(Slovenia) SLRBS-000756 DOB: 12/3/03-8/10, breast cancer Hips A1/A1; elbows 0/0 normal; OCD free

Int Ch Columbo v Schoenen Schwarzatal

OHZB/BS 2540, 6/26/98-3/28/06, brain stroke Hips A1/A1; Elbows: 0/0 normal, OCD free

Amadeus v.d. Lerchhalde

SHSB523830, wh 69 cm, 12/19/94-2/15/02, leukemia, Hips A/B; Elbows: 0/0 normal

OJ Ch Artemis v Schoenen Schwarzatal

(Austria) OHZB/BS 2064, Hips frei, elbows 0/0 , 3/19/96-8/31/03, tumor in abdomen

Int Ch Orsina Fliegeland

SLRBS 000359, HD A1/A1; ED 0/0, OCD free, 6/19/99-alive 2011

Little Norway’s Gaston

SLRB000147, DKK28398/95 (Denmark), HD A/A 11/2/95-99 (hit by train)

Pokhasu Hapok-Apollon

SLRBS000263, HD A/A 11/12/93-01, 9 yo

Can/Am CH RavenRidge Conundrum, RN, CD,

AKC #WS22420505, CHIC, DOB: 5/26/07-8/15/16 (lymphoma), 9 yo. OFA hips good #BMD115177G24F-VPI; elbows normal #BMD-EL6820F24-VPI; CERF BMD-4569(2010); AKC DNA#V520665; vWD clear by parentage; OFA heart normal; DM SOD1A normal

Am/Can CH Tschuggen v Sennenhof, CD, Can DD

AKC#WR07661305, OFA hips excellent, elbows normal; CERF eyes normal, vWd clear DOB 11/15/02-9/28/11 (Lymes disease)

Sennenhof Dursli

KU661791, DOB 10/7/00-06 GDC Hips; OVC hips and elbows #13578, CERF

Int Ch Balou v Graenzweg

SHSB 559382, 11/1/97-04, 7 yo HD-A/A; E-0/0

Can Ch Sennenhof Xoee

GL437489, 6/19/97-6/07, 10 yo, GDC hips good; elbows normal, OVC #003106, CERF

CH Sennenhof Belline

WR03884801, DOB 1/6/00-11/30/09 (histio), CERF, OFA Hips excellent, Elbows normal

Int Ch Dany v d Katzenstiegfluh

SHSB 517111, HD-A/A; E-0/0 5/27/94-06, 12 yo

Andra v Graenzweg

SHSB 546818 10/11/96-06; 10 yo H-B/B; E-0/0

CH Sendache's Designer Genes

“Kylie”, AKC# WS05236001, DOB 4/6/03-1/11 (histio), 7 yo, DNA#V442183, OFA cardiac normal #BMD-VW255/43F-PI, OFA hips good #BMD-12245G28F-PI, OFA elbows normal #BMD-EL4581F28-PI, VetGen#41426 vWd clear, Hemopet Thyroid normal, 10/28/06, CERF normal, CHIC#39054


AKC#WP91942403, Mar 13 1999—8/27/08, 9 yo (degenerative myelopathy), GDC16631H13AN, hips average, GDC elbows affected (asymptomatic)


AKC#WP67801002, 9/5/95-2005, (degenerative myelopathy) GDC8505H12GN, hips good; BMD-EL1386M24-T, elbows normal


WP82947501, 4/4/1997 – 04, 7 yo (brain tumor) CERF OFA/EL-N OFA/H-F

BIS, CH Sendanche's Ideal Design v Bev

"Jasmine", AKC#WP74165902, DOB: 11/27/1996 – 7/06, 9 yo (lymphosarcoma), GDC elbows normal, hips acceptable, CERF


WP65044701, 11/27/1994-03, 9 yo, CERF, GDC/EL-N, GDC/H-N


WP55649708, 4/5/1994 - GDC/EL-N GDC/H-G, CERF