"O" Litter; DOB: 9/19/15

The Parents

The Sire:
CH RavenRidge First and Foremost, "Lander"

AKC#WS38772801, DOB: 10/14/09-12/15/15, AKC DNA #V748223, OFA hips good, elbows normal, heart normal,  vWd clear, DM SOD1A carrier, DM SOD1B normal (by parentage)
The Dam:
Maija van't Maroyke, "Maija"
AKC#WS45399001, DOB: 4/18/13, AKC DNA#V742104, OFA hips fair, elbows normal, vWd clear, DM SOD1A normal, DM SOD1B normal

"O" Litter Statistics

Name call 
male/female OFA hips OFA elbows other tests Resides Notes DNA Sample in the BMD Repository
RavenRidge Oh Frankly My Dear Scarlet F unilateral mild normal SOD1A DM normal, SOD1B DM normal by parentage, Pre-histio index: B Sammamish, WA    
RavenRidge O'Mio Amore  Luigi M fair normal SOD1A DM normal, SOD1B DM normal by parentage, Pre-histio index: A, OFA eyes normal, OFA heart normal Sammamish, WA    
8 Weeks old
Scarlet Luigi


O Litter

CH RavenRidge First and Foremost, "Lander"

DOB: 10/14/09-12/15/15 (COD unknown), AKC#WS31772801, OFA hips good, elbows normal, eyes normal, SOD1A DM carrier, SOD1B DM clear by parentage

Gr CH Alpenspirit Who’s on First

“Abbott”, AKC#WS21655401, DOB 9/22/06-7/28/15 (lymphoma), CHIC, Hips Good OFA#BMD-14653G24M-VPI, Elbows normal OFA#BMD-EL6446M24-VPI, von Willebrands normal, thyroid normal, DM at risk

Am/Can CH Anastasia Summers in Dillon

CHIC, AKC#WS0008774201 DOB: 4/15/04-7/16/14 (histiocytic sarcoma), 9 yo, CHIC, Hips: good; Elbows: normal; eyes , heart, thyroid, vwd normal, DM carrier

BISS, Am/Can Ch Peacefield Flashback v Dragon

‘Flash’, #WS00384301, Hips excellent; Elbows: normal DOB 11/3/01-07, bloat

CH Adesa Smoke Signal Over Lil’Mtn

‘Smoke’, WR20451806, DOB 4/28/01-11/13, 12 yo, Hips Good; Elbows normal; CERF

Can Ch Alpenspirit Dark Fantasy,

‘Lola’, MU832823 DOB 10/4/02-07, cancer, Hips fair; elbows unilateral gr. 1

Am/Can CH Mountain Spirit’s Darth Vader

'Darth’, JL611572, Unilateral mild hip; Elbows normal, CERF, DOB 6/28/99-07, neuter surgery

Can CH Mtn Spirit Justice Prevails

‘Justice’, KJ667300, DOB 5/30/00-alive 2011, 11 yo, Hips Good; elbows grade 1

RavenRidge Bijou, CD, NAP, NJP, NDD

AKC#WS15060401, DOB 9/12/05-5/19/14, 8 yo (adrenal cortical carcinoma), CHIC, OFA hips good, elbows normal, vWd normal, CERF, heart normal, DM SOD1A clear, DM SOD1B clear

CH Ti Gus sen de la Butte

AKC#WR071762/01 9/15/01-10/12/09, 8 yo, OFA Hips good, elbows normal, thyroid normal, CERF, vWd normal

CH Sennenhof Xander

AKC#WP897524/01; DOB 6/19/97-5/7/07, 9 yo, OFA2315 elbows normal, unilateral mild hip dysplasia

Schmucki udo Zoe

Hips Excellent, OFA4876E41; elbows normal, OFA1803, DOB 8/7/95-05, 10 yo

Ulexa v Ruschbode

AKC#WR001852, DOB 2/28/00-8/18/11; 11 yo (histiocytic sarcoma), CHIC, GDC hips excellent, elbows clear, vWd normal, CERF, heart normal, SOD1A DM normal, AKC pointed

Bosco de la Rouda

SHSB 532817, HD A/A, ED 0/0, height: 66cm, DOB 7/17/95-12/1/03, 8 yo (bloat)

Kathy v Ruschbode

SHSB 523110, DOB 11/17/94-3/06, 11 yo, HD C/C – ED 0/0, Wither Height 63cm

Maija van 't Maroyke

AKC# WS45399001, DOB: 4/18/13. CHIC, AKC DNA, SOD1A DM clear, SOD1B DM clear; OFA hips fair, elbows normal, OFA heart and eyes normal, von Willebrands clear. 25" tall, 97 lbs., Pre-histio index: B. AKC major pointed (retired with ACL injury)

CH Dale Gudbrand's Harry Potter Haam

DOB 12/30/06-9/13 (bloat); #N02762/07 (Norway), HD A/A; ED 0/0; 4 littermates alive at 10 yo

CH Tiviniro's Harley Davies

N19060/04, HD B/B; ED 0/0, DOB: 8/21/04- 5/12, 7 yo (Protein losing enteropathy/Intestinal Lymphangiectasia)

CH Bernerdalens Nasdaq

S58457/2001 (Sweden), HD A/A; ED 0/0, DOB: 11/6/01-5/19/09, 8 yo. 3 littermates lived to 11 yo, 1 to 10 yo

CH Becathikes Mama Mia Here I Go Again

N13731/99, HD A/A; ED A/A, DOB: 6/10/99- 5/24/06 (bladder cancer)

CH Dale Gudbrand's Ambi Dala

N23872/02, HD A/A; ED A/A, DOB: 11/21/02-2/10, 8 yo (back injury)

CH Lovaca's Darak

N05091/98, HD A/A; ED A/A, DOB: 1998-2005, (histio)

Lady av Solvbergstien

N09566/00, HD A/A; ED A/A, DOB 5/10/00-2/10, 9 yo (9 siblings alive at 9 yo)

CH Yanina von Müllers Grund

DCBS/BSZ 09341, DOB: 10/25/09-9/2/20; HD B1; ED 0/0

Int. Ch. Figo van 't Maroyke

LOSH 1004243; DOB: 10/1/06-4/14/16, 10 yo; HD-B/B; ED-0/0, OCD-F

Chopin de l'Hamiau du Mont

LOSH 0942280; HD-A/A; ED-0/0; DOB: 10/12/03-2014, 11 yo; wt.: 56 kg; ht.: 67 cm

Int. Ch. Britny van 't Maroyke

LOSH 0918061; HD-A/A; DOB: 8/28/02-10/21/10, 8 yo

CH Quincy von Müllers Grund

DOB: 8/13/07[4/13 (suspected meningitis), #DCBS/BSZ 07297 (Germany), HD A/A; ED 0/0, OCD Frei

CH Easy vom Scheimatthof

SHSB 616756, HD A/A; ED 0/0; OCD frei, DOB: 12/31/02-11/27/12, 9 yo

Hexe von Müllers Grund

SSZ 45784, HD A/A; ED 0/0; OCD frei, DOB: 12/5/04-5/20/11 (lung infection/pneumonia)